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Mediateket BMC

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Welcome to Mediateket!

Mediateket is a resource at BMC for students and teachers having computer assisted courses at Uppsala University.

Who can use mediateket?

Students taking an course at one of those institutions that is financing mediateket are free to use the computers in either one of the available computer rooms.

Virtual microscope

Aperio Image Server is installed on MTVM and can be used for virtual microscopy on medical education programs.

This server can be reached from within Uppsala University network. Access from outside is protected by firewall rules and requires connecting thru a special web proxy URL.

Statistics & mathematics

There are many different programs installed that can be used for calculations.

Use SPSS or PSPP for statistics. Use the software search tool to find computers having the program installed.

Other software

Looking for a specific program or needing an installation for a computer lab?

There are many more software installed on the student computers. Please use the software page to search for room where a program is installed or report problem

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